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Services for Seniors



Copy your wallet cards free

The information on the cards you carry in your wallet is important to you. If these cards are lost or stolen. would you know the many numbers on each of them? You may copy all your wallet cards at the Senior center for free.

Recycling at Center

There are three recycling bins in the Center. One is located by the card table in the hallway with the books on it, one is near the copier in the office, and a third in the library. ** Plastic bags are only recyclable at participating stores. Do not put plastic bags in the recycling bins.

Help with EZ Pass

With the elimination of toll booths on the NYS Thruway, the tolls are increased for people without an EZ Pass. If you do not have a computer and need help setting up an initial EZ Pass account, we can assist you. Contact the center at


Donate Eyeclases

The Scotia-Glenville Lions Club collects discarded eyeglasses which they restore and give to those less fortunate. So drop off your donation in the box located in the center's library.



Free Table

The little card table in the hallway is back in operation as a place for members to recycle books, magazines and puzzles - no other items. Please bring only a few  items at a time. If you have a large number of books to donate, consider taking themto the main branch of the county library.

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