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Paint with Peggy

Have you ever wanted to try oil painting?  Welcome to "Paint with Peggy"! Are you afraid you can't paint because you can't draw?  Peggy is a certified Alexander Art Instructor and Wilson Bickford Painting Partner.  These classes do not require drawing skills, and they are also NOT paint-by-number.  Peggy privides everything to complete the oil painting:  canvas, brushes, palette of paints, etc. Then through classroom instruction, each person creates their own unique oil painting.  If you have questions, email Peggy at: or call/text 518-925-2238. Just bring a box (such as a clean pizza box) to take home your completed painting! Beginners are welcome! Cost: $50.

Tuesday, May 14, 9:30 am - 2 pm

"Summer Lake"

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